Darrel Whittaker (CPL, CFI, CFII, MEI)

He comes from the Land Down Under and you will find Dazz or Dazza is one of the most passionate and helpful people in the aviation business. He eats sleeps breaths drinks reads walks and talks aviation. With a work ethic that people would break themselves against, he's the consumate professional aviator.

We want to share a little bit more about Dazza's background. The two industries that are commonly accepted as defining humans progress in the 21st century are Aviation and Information Technology. This guy has established himself as a leader in both! His primary career for the past 21 years has been in IT. With thousands of hours of teaching and speaking engagements, Darrel is ranked by his students as being amongst the top IT instructors in the world. Combine that level of experience with his life long passion in aviation and we're confident he will be recognized in future as one of the top coaches in the aviation industry.

Someone once told Darrel that he'd never become a pilot; he's currently studying to complete his ATP and is progressing very quickly through the aerobatic ranks with his sites firmly set on competing at the World Aerobatic Championships. You'll also see him on the airshow scene very soon.

Darrel is what we refer to as our Head Coach (Chief Instructor) so please don't hesitate to contact him to discuss for your flying goals.

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As you can see by the results below Dazz is excelling in the competition aerobatic scene. Results don't always tell the full story, he flew a different aircraft in each competition only just missing out on 1st Place at the recent Australian National Championships by 0.093%, yes 2 points overall and 0.307% or 3 points in the Sportsman Free.

2nd Place in Sportsman - 2012 Australian National Aerobatic Championships
2nd Place in Tony Gordon Trophy - 2012 Australian National Aerobatic Championships
2nd Highest Percentage Overall - 2012 Australian National Aerobatic Championships
Bryscen Teape-Davis - Best & Fairest 2012 NSW State Aerobatic Championships
State Champion - Sportsman - 2012 New South Wales Aerobatic Championships
State Champion - Sportsman - 2012 Western Australian Aerobatic Championships
3rd place in Sportsman - 2012 Victorian State Aerobatic Championship
3rd place in Advanced Aerobatics - 2011 Western Australian Light Aircraft Championships (WALAC)
5th place in Sportsman - 2011 Australian National Aerobatic Championships

Dazz at the Australian Aerobatic Club 2012 National Championships in Tocumwal NSW.

"My goal is to share the most brilliant and exciting aspects of aviation with you in a safe fun learning environment"

"I love flying, Glad to be here!" ~ Dazz