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Safety #1

Sir Charles Kingsford Smith would never have been able to cross the Pacific in 1928 without the help of a number of people. We know it always takes a team to make an individual successful and that is the theme we have adopted as an organisation. Our team will work to see you successful in your desire to learn how to fly. Rest assured it will take some work on your part however it is an investment that will reward you for the rest of your life.

You'll notice the FAA and military have a word for showing someone how to do something, they call it instructing and it is an "Instructor" that teaches. We believe that learning is done by the person, our role is to guide you through the learning process. So you will find we use a different terminology in our business. We believe our job is better described as coaching, and we call our instructors Coaches. There is no end to learning in aviation and you'll find many wise ole owl's recommend you should stay on the ground if you're not learning. We truly believe in the coaching or mentoring mindset.

Learning to fly is an ongoing process facilitated by your Coach; and we have some good ones!

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