Southern X Aviation was formed by two guys that have worked together for years in various aviation activities. 

"We found ourselves working very hard and forgetting to enjoy life. So, welcome to our mid life crisis".

The Crux (Latin for Cross) is a star constellation only visible in the southern hemisphere and is often used for navigation purposes. When read correctly it points to the South pole, and once you know where South is, you can always find your true North.

At 8:54 am on 31st May 1928, two Australian pilots Sir Charles Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm (co-pilot) along with two American crew, Harry Lyon (Navigator and Engineer) and Jim Warner (Radio Operator) left Oakland California to fly the first ever crossing of the Pacific Ocean to Australia in a Fokker Ford Tri Motor called the Southern Cross. After 7,187 miles with stops in Hawaii and Fiji they landed safely at Eagle Farm Airport in Queensland Australia on 9th June 1928 at 10:50 am. This team was the first in history to fly the Pacific Ocean.

What do you get when you combine a guy born in the southern state of Kentucky with one from the southern hemisphere, the land down under (Australia)? It's only natural we call ourselves the Southern X. We fly far more capable and reliable aircraft these days however we strive to achieve the same levels of teamwork, professionalism and skills that were necessary to cross the Pacific back in 1928. These principles are instilled throughout our organisation.

We may not always be able to see it, but we know it's always there.
Every day we reach for the stars, guided by the Southern Cross!

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